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About Company

Linton Group is a software development company whose main focus is to create and provide organizations with modern, customer-oriented human capital management systems in the form of various services.

The Employee Selection Program (LRS) is a unique solution for companies of any size and activity looking for secure and flexible electronic systems.

The program is a Cloud-Based solution that provides high quality protection of personal data. The program is used to manage the business processes of selecting employees of the company and provides accurate analytics.

What is anemployee selection program

The process of selecting talent for organizations is an expensive and time consuming procedure.

Properly selected employee is the guarantor of the company's success.

Employers at different stages of the activity may need to find staff for a specific field and hire a suitable candidate for a vacant position, which is associated with a large number of papers, emails, complex spreadsheets and tedious work, which complicates the selection process.

In the modern world, companies often resort to modern technologies to automate this process, the undisputed leader of it is talent selection software, which optimizes all stages of the selection process (from posting a vacancy to hiring an employee).

Advantages of the software

Save working time

The selection program will save you time at all stages of the recruitment process. Your daily routine will not be paperwork, you will also avoid individual communication with candidates via e-mail during feedback, you will quickly select applicants and create "Short List".

Make the right decision

Creating a unified database of resumes, sorting, evaluating by different criteria, filtering any data, professional questionnaires - all these actions will help you in the process of selecting the right candidate.

Collaboration with our team

It is important to consider the opinion of your team in the selection process, especially if you are going to hire an employee with a specific profession like IT engineer or doctor. The program helps you to communicate with your team members with specific knowledge so that they can participate in decision making process.

Communication with candidates

Imagine you are announcing a vacancy for the position of Cashier Operator and you expect to receive at least 500 resumes. You will agree, it is inconceivable to communicate easily with so many applicants, especially when as a responsible company you feel obligated that all applicants receive information about the successful completion or rejection of the selection phase. It is this routine and not-so-pleasant process that will be undertaken by a program that will automatically establish appropriate communication with the candidates instead of you. (EU Regulations)

Automation of the selection process

You will have complete information on which applicant is at what stage of the selection process. Have they been contacted, if necessary, if they have been interviewed, tested. Selection steps are automated by the program.

Full reporting and analytics

The program allows you to perform full reporting on any type of information. The analytics module also provides recommendations on the difficulties in the selection process and how to overcome them.

Software Features

Company branding

  • Career page editor
  • Mobile app
  • Integration API
  • Multilingual interface
  • Integration with social media

Finding Talents

  • Receivinng CVs from candidates
  • CV Multi uploading
  • Import profiles from Linkedin

Job announcement

  • Company Jobs Brand Website
  • Integration with the company website
  • Generate a vacancy address
  • Posting a vacancy on Facebook and Linkedin
  • Job Description Templates

Talent Management

  • Quick filters
  • Smart search
  • Comments and Notes
  • Additional tags
  • Estimates
  • Individual emails
  • Candidate reservation
  • Rejection management
  • Additional fields
  • Team collaboration
  • Attached CV files
  • Activities

Application monitoring

  • Stage management
  • Kanban board
  • Multifunctional actions
  • Profile duplication detector
  • Email Automation


  • Scoring
  • Interview Questionnaire
  • Questionnaire templates
  • Collective evaluation
  • Calendar
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Interview planning

Communication with the candidate

  • Personal correspondence
  • SMS messages
  • Personalize email notifications
  • Email and SMS Templates

Reporting and Analytics

  • Quick Reports
  • Automatic reporting
  • Reporting the stages of the selection process
  • Data visualization
  • Dynamic combinations
  • Excel export

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